Nipetown Hollow Farm

Our farm has ‘seen some things’… The land was settled in the late 1700’s and has been used for agricultural purposes since that time. Colonial era coinage and evidence of the early settlers has been found all over the farm via metal detecting. The farm was witness to the carnage of the American Civil war. Both Union and Confederate troops camped on the farm at various times during the war and no doubt many of the wounded soldiers from the Antietam campaign and Gettysburg campaign were left on the farm to recover or die of their wounds. There isn’t much in the way of first-hand accounts; however, the evidence left in the ground (bullets, buttons, buckles, muskets, etc.) tells the story.

The farm was an apple orchard until the 1950s and then converted into a cattle farm by the Tabler family. It has remained a cattle farm since that time and is now the home to our fold of Scottish Highland cattle, Nigerian Dwarf goats, and honeybees. Recently, we have expanded into flower farming and have enjoyed bringing the community together in that venture.

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Everyone can get a taste of the farm life by cutting flowers in the summer months, periodic yoga sessions, paint nights, and the occasional family events to meet our animals.