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Honey Moon Apiary LLC

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Nipetown Hollow Farm

Nipetown Hollow farm, home to Honey Moon Apiary LLC, is located in historic Nipetown (now part of Martinsburg), West Virginia. Our farm focuses on the production of raw honey from our honeybee colonies, raising AHCA registered Highland Cattle, and raising ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats. The farmland itself has seen over 200 years of continuous agricultural usage, as well as bloodshed during the American Civil War.

AHCA Registered

Highland Cattle

A cornerstone to our farm is our fold of Scottish Highlands. As American Highland Cattle Association (AHCA) registered cattle, their lineage can be traced back more than 100 years to Scotland.

Farm Favorites

Seasonal Events & Products

Everyone can get a taste of the farm life by cutting flowers in the summer months, periodic yoga sessions, paint nights, and the occasional family events to meet our animals.