January 9, 2017

About Us

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Our Approach

Our Process

As the willow and maple trees begin to bloom in early Spring, our Carniolan Honeybee queens are rapidly laying eggs in preparation for honey production.  By the time the fruit trees and dandelions are in full bloom, our colonies are exploding with bees.  It's at that time that we add our honey supers (boxes to collect honey) to the colonies in hopes that the weather works in our favor.

Over the next few months, we methodically rotate the honey supers off of the hives and harvest the honey via a centrifuge type extractor.  The honey flows via gravity from the extractor through an 800 micron strainer to remove large pollen particles and beeswax flakes.  We never heat or filter the honey... thus, it still contains small particles of pollen and natural vitamins and minerals gathered by the bees.  We then bottle the honey is the finest glass available... one bottle at time.

We generally wrap up the honey season by late September after the goldenrod blooms peak to ensure that our bees can gather enough fall nectar to make it through the winter.  The remainder of the year, we work hard at sharing the amazing honey harvest with our friends, family, and community.


Our Story

Our Story

We love gardening.  Several years ago, we determined that our garden wasn't being pollinated properly.  That led us into beekeeping to solve our problem.  We found that the bees did in fact solve our problem and also provided us with an awesome new hobby.  Year after year, our hobby grew until it blossomed into a business.

Meet the Team

It takes the whole family to run our operation.  We each have important roles to play in making our business work.

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Sarah Haddock

Owner - Queen Bee

Sarah is the one who gets sticky...  She packages, labels and retails most of our products.  Sarah also handcrafts the soaps, lip balms and other hive related products that we offer.


Andrew Haddock

Worker bee of the operation...

Andrew is the one who gets stung... he manages our beehives, extracts the honey from the honeycomb, and covers all of the graphic design and marketing work.

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Jack & Jase

The Sales Team

These boys have more experience working honeybees and peddling honey than most adult beekeepers.  They are true honey connoisseurs... as much honey as they've eaten, it's a wonder we have anything left to sell.

Get to know your local beekeeper

Honey has unique qualities and floral notes depending on where it comes from.  You'll love the way our local honey tastes... you'll be surprised how different it tastes from what you buy at the store.